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Summertime is relaxing time when the kids are home from school and there is no homework. My children, all under the age of ten, don’t typically like to play with each other. Last June, we had one whole week of rain which meant everyone was remanded to a sort of house arrest. Outside the humidity was heavy, but inside we were thankful to have the central air conditioning working. If we were all going to be inside, at least we were cool and comfortable. The week wasn’t a total wash because I made sure we had things to do. The kids had board games. They had movies. They had crafts and clay and paint and glue. All this was fun, but the bits and pieces here and there made the house a mess. It became evident that I needed to do some cleaning and laundry. I left the kids to watch a movie and eat some popcorn. While folding the laundry I noticed a sound coming from the air conditioner like it was starting up then shutting down. The cooling system couldn’t make up its mind. I began to worry that the air conditioning was giving up. When I went to check the thermostat, I found the kids fighting over the temperature setting. They dove at the controls, grabbing and yelling. My son, dressed in a sweatshirt and pants, wanted the air conditioning at max cooling capacity. My daughter, dressed in her bathing suit, wanted air conditioning to be turned off completely. One child would turn the temperature setting way down then the other kid would move it back up. There was shoving and hissing; pushing and grabbing. I tried to break it up, but there was nothing but pure energy; so much energy could power the HVAC system. By the time everyone calmed down, I was as  stressed as the A/C. The kids were sent to their rooms. I sent myself a frosty beverage to help level out the thermostat adjustment.

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