They don’t know how to handle me

My lady and I have been long distance for a while now. We met at a conference in the south during the summer and  from that moment we have been as close as peanut butter and jelly. The only problem is that she is from the midwest & I am from the deep south. The other week, I thought it was time to finally fly to the midwest to see her and meet her family. I have never been to the midwest before and I was shocked when I landed. The second that I stepped out of the airport, I was hit with freezing cold air I thought I was in a freezer, but luckily for me her parents had plenty heat blasting in the car on the drive back to their home. I told them about how cold it was and they laughed and told me not to worry. They said they had radiant radiant floors installed in their house. Being from the south, I had never once heard of radiant floors before, but apparently they are an super energy efficient and eco friendly way to be able to keep your home nice and warm. Let me tell you, it was simply amazing! We would all kneel on the ground together and play board games, just soaking up the warmth coming from the ground. It was so nice to get to know my lady and her family better and not have to worry about freezing our but off in the process. If I ever end up moving down here with my lady, the first thing we do will be installing radiant radiant floors!

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