That’s so dangerous

There are some things in life that you shouldn’t question.  Why you need to ay for some services like having a home built, a doctors treatment, and certain repairs that should only be done by professionals.  We recently had an issue at our office building and learned about another crucial service you should pay for. We had bees in the HVAC ductwork and they kept finding their way into the building.  This was just annoying at first but after weeks of running around with fly swatters we decided to call in a professional. I was put in charge of finding someone to do the job. I contacted several agencies and I was surprised at how much this service cost.  Many of the companies were as high as a thousand dollars. One of our employees made a remark about doing the job himself for that price. However, when he looked in to the amount of equipment he would need, not mention to safety factor of dealing with a swarm of angry bees, he thought better and said that we should hire a person who knew what they were doing instead.  Besides, the building we work in is large and we had no way of knowing the exact location of the hive. Unfortunately, because there was no way to harvest the queen to attract the other bees, many of them would have to be exterminated instead of relocated. The damage to the system that could occur if the bees were left in the ductwork could be extensive and we certainly couldn’t afford that.

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