Maybe I’ll downsize a little

I’ve been a freelance author and writer for many years now, and to me, it’s a fun and fulfilling career. As much as I love it, I wouldn’t promote the same job to just anyone. There are many good and bad things within this career path and they must all be weighed out thoroughly before diving in. First off, as with any freelance profession, you’ve gotta get used to the idea of being self-employed and not having a fixed income. This means you won’t have the comfort and stability of having that steady paycheck each week. You are responsible for seeking your individual employment and they won’t be given to you until you’ve  earned them and shown good work. One of my favorite job perks is being able to stay at home and work from my home office. I live in a particularly cold area of the country and I do not like to travel out in the cold and blowing snow. I never have to travel or spend money on plane travel so it’s particularly convenient in that aspect as well. Instead, I get to warm up in my cozy heated home and set my own hours. I’ll set the thermostat to my favorite temperature write comfortably for the entire assignment. I also work in our cold basement sometimes because there’s more space, so I have a tiny space heating system to assist the thermostat in keeping a comfortable, yet energy efficient temperature in the area. Using the small heater helps when I just need it a little warmer when I’m home working, but I don’t need the entire house warm.  It saves energy and I’m quite comfortable with my little space heater.

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