I will be an adult about things

I choose one time during the year to clean out my attic, basement and closet of all the items that I’ve collected throughout the year and donate it to a charity.  I’m somewhat of a pack rat and don’t always let things go when I should. I love to collect and have more than one of everything. Buy on and get one free sales are my weakness.  It’s easy for me to leave a clothing store with a shirt in every color that they offered. So, I was going through my closets cleaning out my things when I realized how much dust was in my home. I was astonished at the amount of dust that was in the closet that held my HVAC unit.  I had been in my home for awhile now and could not remember the last time that my husband had changed the air conditioner filter. I called a reputable HVAC technician and had him inspect the HVAC unit. He told me that dust and dirt in the environment gets into the a/c naturally. If the dust and dirt is allowed to accumulate it could lead to unnecessary repairs due to the a/c unit operating with a clog filter.  Air filters protect the a/c by preventing large particles of dust, dirt and insects from entering the a/c system while it is operating. The intake of air and the proper air circulation could be limited by a dust filled air filter. The HVAC specialist continued to explain that the motor of of our air conditioning system could also be damaged by too much dust. Well, dust is not an item that I want to collect, so a regular filter change for my a/c is no longer a once a year event, but every month.

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