I was really hoping to remove the bees

About more three years ago, we had the house re-roofed.  The new roof looks great. The job was done in an afternoon.  This was much quicker than when we did a bunch of patching ourselves.  The new roof put on in the summer, when the weather was moderate with little rain.  About six weeks later later, when the early fall storms showed, I began to notice a darker spot on the ceiling in the kitchen.  At first I wasn’t all that concerned. However, over the course of a weekend, it began to get larger. On an especially rainy night, it looked undoubtedly damp.  I suspected ] the roofers had failed to do something to protect against moisture. I mentioned it to my husband, Jack. He investigated later that night. After supper, he got out a ladder to look closer at the ceiling.  Te touched it, and the ceiling crumbled away. Immediately, a stream of angry bees filled the room. I gathered up the dog and my baby boy and rushed out of the house. It was becoming overrun with swarming bees. I neglected the car keys on the counter.   We needed to get those to escape. Jack was able to seal up the hole by covering it with a towel he taped to the ceiling. Not the best answer, but it worked until we could get an exterminator to take a look the following afternoon. The bees made a nest in the attic area, right above the kitchen.  The moisture was caused by the hive. Unfortunately, we were unable to save the bees because it was impossible to locate the queen. To transport a hive successfully, you need to find her and then the rest of the colony follows. We couldn’t deal with any further damage to our house at that point.  

bumble bee removal