I can’t believe that!

I have always been a penny pincher to my absolute core, even when I was a little kid in and to I would get a more than four dollar allowance, I wouldn’t spend the money on anything even when I wanted something! I wanted to save it no matter what. Now that I am an adult living on my own, not much has changed. I never spend money on going out to eat, and I use all the coupons I can find, the only thing I spend currency on is rent and food. That all changed when I met my partner. She was from a wealthy family and  liked to spend money as if it was going out of style. When she first came over and saw how poor of shape my heated gas oil furnace was in, she had a little freak out. She asked why I hadn’t had it replaced with a new component or at least had a HVAC repairman out to fix it up. I told her that I didn’t’ want to “waste” that money. She then started talking to me about considering getting radiant radiant floors installed. My first reaction was to just say no way, until she began talking to me about all the perks. It was going to cost me a lot of money up front, however after that I would right away begin saving a nice handful of money every month on my energy bill. She said that within a year or two, my radiant radiant floors will have paid themselves off and then some! I set up an appointment with the HVAC contractor to come and write me an estimate. I sure do not like how much my likes to shop, even though I love that I am going to be saving even more money!