I am prepared

Randy plus I work for a moving company. Most of the time, him and I just move residents from an current home to a better house. There are times though, that Randy and I have to clean out the apartment before we move someone else in. this always is a downer for the two of us.  Last week, my friend Randy plus I were sent downtown to clean out someone’s apartment. When we got there to do the clean out, we saw that the place was disgusting. This type of situation usually occurs when a resident has been evicted from the apartment and it has been left for sometime. My friends plus I had no plan on what to do next. The home looked like a disaster zone. There was trash plus insects everywhere. The heat wasn’t on at all, plus it was chilly inside of the apartment. My friend Randy turned on the heat, so both of us could task in at least quality heating. When the heat started pouring down from the air duct, my friend Randy plus I smelled the bad stench of pet urine plus poop. The further both of us went into cleaning the apartment, the worse the smell had gotten. At the end of it, I had to walk outside to keep from blowing chunks all over the place. The smell was so bad that eventually both of us had to turn off the heat. The presence of the heater was making every smell much worse.

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