Knowledge is power

I’m a little bit of a social scientist nerd and I find it fascinating to see how other cultures and other people sleep. I’m a big fan of documentaries where they go into people’s houses and film how they live their lives. Just last week, I watched a short documentary on how people slept at bedtime and their everyday routines. Some people were pretty mundane and others were quite specific and regimented. One lady had sleep apnea and snored like a chainsaw all night.  She needed to use a breathing machine to get enough oxygen through the night. Another couple slept in a pile with a bunch of their pets. I would hate to have to change the sheets all the time with the dog hair. Several other couples slept with their small children because they wanted to grow closer as a family and also, they didn’t have to get up constantly to feed them. One thing that astonished me about the documentary is that they failed to note individual temperature preferences for sleeping. My partner and I always have disputes over the heating and cooling settings at home. I care more about a cooler setting with the air conditioner and she prefers the heating is on at all times. There’s not much of a happy medium so I try to stay as cool as possible and open a window to let in a breeze whenever possible.  I know this is a first world problem, because in some parts of the world, having a comfortable mattress to sleep on would even be a luxury. Still, I can only speak about what I know, personally, and it’s an important feature when I’m trying to sleep.

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