I was happy then

I am somewhat of a nomad who likes adventure. I hate staying in one locale for too long, plus I like to see the country. This has led to myself and others living in a lot of weird weather conditions. I have seen just about everything the United States has to offer, plus I have actually loved our time exploring. I have dealt with all kinds of extremes from heat to cold, from hurricanes to blizzards. By this point, I am not actually worried about living in most locales. However, I have only lived so far North. My Grandfather has a locale far up in the mountains, plus I am going to deliver that a shot this upcoming Wintertime. I know he has a superb oil furnace, even though I know how dangerous the chilly can be. Of course, he is a pro at this point, so I know that even separate from a central heater, both of us will be able to figure something out. Naturally, he has a fireplace too, along with an assortment of area heaters. While he does live in a relatively remote area, he still has a local Heating plus A/C supplier which can also come through in a pinch. With everything, I am still a bit upset about what might happen if a storm comes through plus knocks the power out to our Heating plus A/C system. I know a fireplace, along with battery operated area furnaces plus moderate clothing, can do a lot to help myself and others stay warm, but it’s a bit intimidating to guess what it would be like to go separate from a central gas furnace for several days. At any time the temperatures can reach far below zero, plus thinking about going separate from a central heater, for even a couple days, is severely daunting to me.