I waited an hour

I’m always very curious of the habits of other people through their day to day lives. I know I’m a bit of a voyeur and big fan of documentaries where the filmmakers discuss the lives of the people. For example, I think it’s interesting all the different ways we sleep.  We all do it, so why is it so different between everyone? I watched a short documentary on sleeping habits just last week and it was intriguing. One couple had to sleep in separate beds because the husband had sleep apnea and needed to use a sleeping machine to allow him to get enough oxygen through the night. Another couple slept with a bunch of dogs and cats that all got along in a great big huddle on the king sized bed.  Some other couples with young kids all slept in the same bed and bonded with their small babies. It was quite a fascinating documentary. I was surprised the producers didn’t go over different people’s temperature preferences while they’re trying to relax. My wife and I always have little fights over the heating and cooling settings. I am more comfortable with a cooler setting and the air conditioner blowing. My partner, however, prefers the heating to be at an uncomfortably warm temperature regardless of the season outdoors.  We usually keep the air conditioner on and she will put on a sweater, because it’s easier to get warmer yourself than try and get cooler. I know these are silly things, but it’s necessary to be comfortable when you sleep and having a good temperature control and climate control setting makes for a better living situation for everyone involved!

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