How awesome!

Last week my partner and I decided to have a garage sale. Over the past few months we had been collecting so much random clothes, furniture, and other random household items that we were feeling like we were suffocating! The morning of the garage sale was going well and as we imagined. It wasn’t super busy, but people were buying stuff so we were feeling pretty good. After a few hours one man came up to us and asked us how much we were wanting for the old air cooling unit on the lawn. I thought it was just an old a/c unit that my partners dad had given us, so I told him a hundred dollars would do. The man looked at me like I was crazy and said that I must not be right in the head. He then told us that the old and rusty air cooling unit is actually a very rare a/c unit that was used in the early 1960’s. Apparently there are only a few hundred working models left in the country. This caught my partner and I by a big surprise. To verify what this man was telling us I did some research on my phone and lone and behold, he was one hundred percent right. This was a very old and rare model of a/c units. After a few minutes of negotiation we sold that rare peace of junk for almost three thousand dollars. I guess the saying really is true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

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