A new HVAC system

One year I decided to take a vacation in addition to drive up North to the mountains with our dog, Chika.  Being from down South where the weather can get actually tepid over the summertime, was now working our cooling systems on overtime, in addition to I was looking forward to the cooler weather.  With Chika strapped in beside me in addition to the cooling system blasting, all of us made our way down the road. I was hoping once on the highway it would be cool enough to turn off the cooling system in addition to open our windows.  It seemed the heatwave was following us up the coast. I was only stopping to quickly walk Chika in addition to use the powder room, I wanted her to stay cool in the cooling system. I made sure to walk her in the shade so she could stay cooler in addition to not overheat in the sun.  Five hours into the drive I started to get hungry so I decided to pull into the next rest-stop in addition to stand at a single of the tables in the shade with Chika to eat our supper. As I started to get Chika’s food together after her walk, I noticed she was panting actually hard which was making me nervous because it was so hot.  I right away got her water bowl out in addition to provided ice cold water, she only drank a little bit which was not enough to put me at ease. So I gathered up our stuff in addition to went back to the car. Starting it up, I blasted the cooling system in her face trying to cool her down, in addition to cooling her belly down by holding her up the cooling system vent.  After 10 minutes, she was wanting to eat, so I knew then she was ok. I don’t believe what I would’ve done to cool her down without the cooling system in our car.

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