A landmark case

My sister Jamie and I like to do drastic sports and activities. He and I have done coasteering before, however that is where you jumps off cliffs into sub zero waters, we have skydived, bungee jumped and rode on the highest cable automobile around! Jamie and I now are signed up to scuba dive in a crack of the tectonic plates! You go between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plate, but it is supposed to be undoubtedly beautiful and totally wild. However, the locale the two of us are doing this is known for being super cold. Jamie and I know that the water is not going to be correctly heated. It is not care about the ocean can have a heating system set up to make the water sizzling enough.  The water is supposed to be around 40 degrees. In order to prepare for this, Jamie and I have been getting used to being cold. We are not using any type of heating… No furnace use inside and no automobile heating system being used, at night the two of us are only sleeping under one single sheet. Jamie and I are also going to pack super thick, heavy clothing for the water. There are certain clothing types that absorb and keep your body heat. It is the closest thing the two of us have to bringing a portable heating system with us, and my sister and I also agree that right away after the snorkeling event the two of us are going to crank the automobile heating system to sizzling us up. Hopefully the water won’t be that poor with all the gear on. Also, going without heating for a month should make our sister and I used to being colder.

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