I was very thankful

Life has a funny way of making you reflect when you least expect it. It could be something as easy as an advertisement on social media that reminds you of a late relative, or a situation portrayed by actors in a movie that sends you back to a similar situation of your own, and even something as easy as a melody heard in a song can transport you to a weird point in your life, and you can almost reach out and touch it from how real it all feels. Maybe I just have a powerful imagination, however that’s what happens to me and it happens more often than I’d prefer! Just earlier this week, I was helping my child with his homework for university, and he was having trouble with his times tables. As I walked through each set of multiples, all of us got to the product of twelve times twelve, however reading the number made me think back to almost a decade earlier, when I was helping my partner’s Grandpa to clean stuff up around his house. I remember how his condo used an a/c that was smaller than what I’d known in the past, and the air filter used in the central air conditioning unit was measured by the inches at twelve by twelve. It was such a trivial thing to remember – I mean really, what’s so pressing about remembering an air filter size, aside from knowing it for rotating out air filters at your own home? Well, the memory was unexpected. I didn’t think my brain held onto memories that small, however I was thankful to have it. My dear child never got to meet his great-Grandpa, as few people do, but still, even though the memory was little more than asking my Grandpa in-law about what his air filter needed to be measured at, I was glad to have one more memory of him.

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