I was fine with the art

My kids are taking a painting class this year and they are entirely loving it. I’m ecstatic, too, since I’ve consistently been pretty artistic. I was hoping that at least a single of them would get my artistic genes and genuinely do something with their talent as they get older! I put both of them into this painting class that meets twice a week at our local art academy and they’ve been doing entirely well in the class. The only thing that they don’t like about taking the class is the fact that the HVAC plan in the art academy consistently seems to be on the blink. Over the Summer when they were learning impressionist paintings, the air conditioning plan completely died in the art academy. My kids said that the whole time they were in their classes, an Heating & Air Conditioning worker was running in and out with all of his Heating & Air Conditioning tools and his air conditioning equipment, trying to get the air conditioning up and running again. They had a excruciating time that summer, because the hot and cold temperatures outside were entirely sizzling and they couldn’t get cooled off while I was in painting class because there was no air conditioning! The other problem was that it was so sizzling in the art room that the paint started drying faster than it should have and it ended up genuinely messing up some of their projects! I believe certain types of art media entirely needs to have HVAC consistency, along with humidity consistency. I hope the art school has all of the Heating & Air Conditioning systems worked out by the time next Summer rolls around!