Realizing the best option

My friend Ava and I have grown distant in the past few years. I don’t guess how else to put it, other than sometimes you easily just grown apart. It’s not that I don’t love Ava or miss her dearly, but I’ve realized that we’re just in different sites in our lives at this point. Whenever all of us met all of us were both young and single university students out for adventure. The people I was with and I ran off with wild women in bands and crashed stupid parties to make friends. The people I was with and I were wrapped up in the excitement and romance of young life, and nothing could stop us. Nowadays, I live with our steady woman and our pet in our beach house far away. Ava continues to be young and wild in Chicago, running off with wild boys. That’s why I sat her down recently and tried to explain that there’s more to a significant other than excitement and romance – there’s bills and groceries and Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repairs. There are fights over energy Usage and strong opinions about how to set the temperature control. There are discouraging chores to take care of love mowing the grass and decreasing the air filter in the a/c unit. There are debates over home insulation and routine appliance replaces to more substituted models. There are routine service appointments to make and professional quotes to question as a team. In short, I told her that sure, there are a lot of fun, wild women out there. But there are so several other important parts of being a good partner if you want to make it last. For starters, just try to just find someone who agrees with you on your central heating and cooling system.

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