I just need a resolution

With all of the Black Thursday sales happening after Thanksgiving, I recently splurged a little to purchase myself a few new video games I had been interested in trying out. One of them, a survival-based game set out in space, was made by a developer whose job I really loved and I was excited to try it out. It took me a few nights to find the spare time to settle down to play, however once I finally loaded the game I was blown away by just how in-depth the mechanics were! When building your world, you had to take every single small detail into account, most of which people tend to overlook when going about their day in the real world. From the plumbing, to the electrical wiring, to the heating and a/c ducts, everything is substantial. Certain tasks require that they be completed in rooms with the regular temperature control, as a lack of cooling, or not enough heating, leads to unideal conditions where it isn’t possible. And, in order to keep things and efficient and avoid any heat transference between rooms, so you aren’t wasting extra energy on heating or accidentally letting heat out into a room that requires cooling, you may require special insulated blocks for your ceiling, walls, and floors. I had a lot fun entirely working things out with trial-and-error and studying how to best utilize all of the complex systems the game had to offer. I made a lot of mistakes, and it was a little frustrating at times to wrap my head around all of the several machinery involved in setting up a functioning system, however the complexity of it all ensures I’ll be able to keep playing and studying and having fun for a long time to come.

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