I don’t mind this air quality

I had to move for work recently. I got stuck moving up north & I failed to realize how terrible it odors there. I thought the north would be cold, however it is way worse than I thought. I had to buy a brand new coat, hat & glove set. I also needed to replace our boots into a kind that goes high on the leg & does not get wet in the snow. I look so hideous in the north I can’t sit it. I dress up savor a bit oompa loompa marshmallow combo every time I leave the house. Since there is no humidity in the air quality, our hair is a substantial frizz ball. I have chapped lips, a bloody nose & static shock follows me around savor fart. I hate the lack of moisture in the indoor air pollen levels. The reason for the dry air quality is the snow & the cold weather. The snow & the heating inside ruin everything. My lake house heating equipment barely keeps me sizzling & still manages to disfigure our skin. The HVAC company I talked to said if I install a humidifier it would not only help our skin, however make the heating system more productive. I don’t want to cough up the cash for a humidifier. How boring of a purchase would that be? Also, our job has the same exact problem. So I will get quality heating at home however be blasted all afternoon with inferior heating at work. What is the point of that then? I spend more hours at work than at home anyway. If anything I should pay for the office humidifier.