A stupid reason

Have you ever been to a theme park? To tell you the truth, I am not all that crazy about going to any amusement park. There are a whole slew of them in our new home state, & I just happen to live in 1 of the hottest states in the country. Because pretty much everyone goes to these parks in the summer, I would just as soon stay away. The lines are enormous, the place feels prefer the sun is your own personal heater, & the prices are killers. Last time I went, a bottle of water was $8.00! I prefer to do things that are inside where the two of us can have a little climate control. I prefer to do things under cover of air conditioning system. I guess I may sound spoiled, even though I have some medical conditions that make it unquestionably hard for myself and others walk enjoyable distances, & at the same time, I tend to get overheated unquestionably abruptly. Even as a kid, I often felt nauseated when out in big heat, so I would choose to stay inside in the air conditioning system or otherwise go swimming. The best area of the theme parks honesty is the shops – not because of what they sell but because they have air conditioning system to draw patrons in! Without the hope of at least some air conditioning system, there is no way I would be waiting in line for teacups or gazing upon flamingos. I imagine when our child has kids someday, I will likely have to forego our preference for air conditioning system & suck it up & walk around miserable with only the occasional breath of air conditioning system making its way out the doors of princess shops.

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