I forgot what I was doing

I just moved into my very first studio apartment.  I love knowing that I finally have a space that I can call my own, regardless of how tiny the interior is.  I have a small oven and range and a full sized refrigerator, which is great for storing extra food and drinks.  My view from the third floor of my building isn’t bad either, there’s a small park down below filled with trees and small pond in the center.  I arrived in early fall and got through the winter months with a strong space heater by my side. There was no air conditioner installed when I first moved in and I figured I’d try to get through the warmer months with just open windows and strategically placed fans.  I knew I was in for trouble when I couldn’t get past the second week of May because of the constant night sweats and miserably hot afternoons. I had little floor space for a portable air conditioner so I knew that my only option on my budget was a window air conditioner.  I measured my window and set off to buy an AC at my local hardware store the same day. I found the cheapest model in that size, threw it in my cart, and off I went. I installed it right when I got home and turned it on. That’s when things went south. The sound of that machine starting up was literally deafening.  The force of the air stream was so strong it immediately threw sheets of paper around my apartment. I had to turn it down and tried to fiddle with the settings to see if I could somehow get it to run at a slower speed but still cool my air as efficiently and quickly. Sadly, at any lower settings I just couldn’t get enough cooling power, my place would start feeling hot again.  I took the air conditioner back to the hardware store and spent extra to get a machine designed to run quietly. It’s nice to finally have an air conditioner in here that is both strong but also quiet enough for me to sleep soundly at night.