Resealing the windows

For years now, my life has been going downhill.  I know that I am suffering from depression, but I can’t take medicine and still function properly at work.  To be honest, I hadn’t functioned properly at work for a long time, and I ended up losing my job. Now I was sitting home, clinically depressed and nothing to do but think about my depression.  Then the doctor diagnosed with a couple of other things that meant I had to take even more medicine. Like keeping my heating and air conditioning bills under control wasn’t hard enough. The medicine has completely thrown off my inner thermostat.  My body doesn’t know if it should be hot or cold. I will dress for the weather before I go out, but I can’t walk very far. I get out of the house, and my body tells me that it is too cold to be out there. Sometimes, my inner thermostat will signal that it is time to take off my jacket, but that doesn’t last very long.  The thermostat is dropped way down, and I find that I am shivering. I don’t know what way to turn. I could constantly be turning up the thermostat and then turning it down, or I could sit here and stay hot or freeze. I don’t know which way to turn and I think the depression is getting the best of me. If I’m not careful they’ll be locking me up because of a severe mental disease.  Maybe I just need to get off all this medicine and get my internal thermostat straightened out and I will feel better.

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