I do think this is delightful

For a few years there, my health was really in the crapper. It was a weird period in my life where things should have been easy-breezy, but instead I was in constant internal conflict. I had a good salaried job and hardly any stresses outside of my own depression, but that was an insurmountable issue that I did not have the tools to manage. As such, I wound up being extremely dissatisfied with my life, sad, and often very sick. My mental anguish definitely took a toll on my body, and I wound up on all sorts of strange medications for ailments such as hypothyroidism and being pre-diabetic. That’s when things got even worse – as the medications began to mess with my body even more! One medication, in particular, made me totally crazy. My internal thermostat fluctuated wildly throughout every day, and I went a little batty trying to keep up with my swinging hot and cold streaks. I would start each day by examining the weather reports and dressing myself according to the expected temperatures, but I never felt like I was the right temperature for long. One moment I would feel perfectly comfortable and the next I would be burning hot. As soon as I would remove a few layers of clothing, my internal AC system would kick on and I would suddenly be shivering from cold. Give it another few seconds, and my body’s furnace would kick into high gear so I could sweat through my shirt in the blink of an eye. It was an awful, uncomfortable few years of burning agitation. When you’re already down in the dumps and struggling to get through each day, the last thing you need is some pill screwing around with your biological thermostat.

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