I need the electric turned on

My best neighbor has a habit of running his air conditioning system too hard in the Summer season.  He assures me that the expensive system that he spent a few extra thousand dollars on can handle the load.  Despite outdoor temperatures climbing in the upper 90s, he still insists on setting his thermostat to 70 n the day.  Anytime I am at his loft I hear the a/c cycle on and off repeatedly. Each cooling cycle lasts longer than the rest periods in between, forcing the fan motor and other internal components love the evaporator coil to job to the brink.  Finally 1 day, the inevitable happened. Both of us were seeing a pigskin game when the a/c abruptly made a loud, sharp noise and stopped. My neighbor got up and fiddled with the thermostat for a few minutes before admitting defeat. He had an Heating & Air Conditioning specialist out there the following day, however it wasn’t fantastic news.  He had a cracked evaporator coil, a burned fan motor, and a locked condenser motor outside. The costs for replacement parts and labor fees were well over a thousand dollars. It was a lengthy job and he had to wait a month for parts to arrive so he was stuck separate from air for a considerable amount of time. I have restrained myself from gloating, because I wouldn’t ever take joy in my friend’s struggles, despite the fact that I actually told him politely that what I had warned him of finally happened.  Although, I tried to spin the story in a positive light and encourage him to use it as a reading experience for the future instead of making him assume worse about the mistake. Now he knows how respectfully run a residential a/c and what results from misuse and abuse.

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