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After twenty-four years living up north, I was ready to get away from the snow and freezing cold.  I packed up plus headed south, excited for sunshine plus palm trees. I was totally unprepared for the heat plus humidity.  I’d never even lived in a venue with air conditioning before. I rented a cheap beach house without checking the integrity of the cooling system.  Since cash was tight, the low and paltry rent was all I could afford. The beach house featured a single, window air conditioning unit that was harshly old.  The unit was rusty, clogged with dust, plus several of the control knobs were missing. Despite the small size of the beach house, the air conditioning couldn’t keep up with demand.  On especially sizzling days and mornings, I had condensation running down the windows, issues with constant mold growth, plus I was always getting wet with sweat. The air conditioning ran non stop, made a ton of noise, plus spread a nasty smell every time it ran.  I managed to come up with enough cash to add a couple of portable fans, but they simply blew the heat, dust plus the unpleasant odor around. Unable to sleep at night, plus feeling exhausted all day, I unquestionably wanted to find a more current apartment, but I’d signed a year-long lease.  I then started scouring for sales on air conditioning devices at the local hardware stores. I finally got lucky, plus was able to purchase a floor model with a slight dent for very little cash. Simply adding that extra window air conditioning made all the difference. The current air conditioning is quiet, powerful, plus it’s also beautifully energy efficient.  Even on super sizzling days, it maintains perfect comfort indoors.