I am very impressed

My child turned 15 last week so we have been practicing driving for her driving exam. In our state, young teenagers can earn their driver’s license at 15 years, 6 months old. My child is a surprisingly good driver but she always forgets to use her turn signal when changing lanes. Last weekend, we were driving on the interstate for the first time. My daughter was obeying the speed limit but, as usual, every car around us was speeding by. She was attempting to change lanes when a commercial truck came racing behind us. Unfortunately, the truck did not bother using their turn signal so my daughter honestly did not realize the truck was switching lanes. The truck collided with our car because we chained lanes at the same time. Luckily, none of the people in the actual accident received any major injuries. The driver of the truck was carrying boxes of air filters. When the truck collided with our car, several of the boxes of air filters fell out of the back on to the highway. There were dozens of air filters flying around everywhere. Because the air filters normally have very little weight, they were landing all over the highway. The accident scene was a mess to see. When the police and emergency response crew arrived, they cleared the highway in 10 minutes. They had firefighters running around the highway, trying to gather up all of the air filters. The driver of the truck was given a ticket for failure to use their turn signal. My daughter was absolutely terrified but I used the experience as a teachable moment. I don’t think she will forget to use her turn signal again.

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