A new window air conditioner

My family and I live more than 15 miles away from the elementary school so in the morning, the kids have to ride the  school bus. The kids have to walk from our house to the bus stop and it’s quite a hike for their little legs. When the temperatures outside are bitterly cold, my husband or I will drive them to the bus stop. The kids love waiting in the car because the heating system keeps their little feet and bodies warm. Even with the cold, the bus runs no more than 10 minutes late. That’s a long time for the kids to wait in bone numbingly cold weather but fortunately, the bus has a nice heating system. Lately, our kids have been complaining about riding their bus. They said the bus no longer has any heat to keep them warm. They are begging us to drive them to school now but because we work, we don’t have time to drop them off at their school in the mornings. It was getting hard to hear them whine in the morning so my partner and I called the school. The two of us asked if the bus was having heating problems, as we didn’t fully believe the kids. That’s when all of us heard the terrible truth. The elementary bus really didn’t have heat however they were trying to repair the problem. I asked the principle how the kids were being kept warm on an hour commute in the cold weather. She didn’t have an answer and could only say they are working on it. I drove the kids to school that morning and called the district superintendent.

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