It’s really getting hot in here

I live in a place where winter’s length and amount of snow can lead to a lot of trouble. Accumulating foot after foot of snow in a single night is not uncommon. In order to access walkways, the mailbox, and to get your car out of the driveway, shoveling, plowing, and snow blowing is constantly necessary. Shoveling is a lot of work and time, making it a tiring chore. I’d prefer not to have to get up an hour ahead of schedule each morning just to bundle up and shovel heavy snow. It costs a lot of money to hire someone to plow, and snow melting chemicals can cause damage to landscaping or get tracked into the house. Thanks to my investment in a snow melt system, I have avoided all of these complications. My basement contains a boiler that is attached to a piping system under the garage floor, the driveway, and our walkways. Hot water spreads through the pipes and thereby melts the snow and ice to keep the surfaces clear. Now I don’t need to worry about getting injured shoveling snow. I am never afraid of getting snowed in, and the equipment remains concealed. The controls of my system are set to activate when the air hits a certain air temperature and moisture level that means a potential snowfall. The boiler is energy efficient, so the operation costs are low. The boiler also supplies my home with hot water. While it’s rather compact, it takes on its workload like a champ, and only requires annual maintenance.

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