I’m All About Energy-savings

We will all be spending too much money on our utility bill.  The largest cost associated with that bill is the energy used by your heating and cooling system.  That’s why I’ve been working on getting my home more energy efficient. Some energy-saving tips that I’m implementing is adding more insulation to my attic.  I’ve also added sealant to the spaces between the windows and the glass. All summer long, I’ve allowed my conditioned air to seep through those spaces. I would flip on my A/C at the thermostat, and send the air out of my house.  I’m determined to not let that happen when I change the setting on the thermostat to heat. Energy-savings is what I am all about now. I purchased a box of quality air filters from a local store and they have a high rating. We all know that a dirty air filter does NOT save you money and it can cost more in the long run when the HVAC technician has to come and fix the heating and cooling unit.    I’ve also called the utility company to provide an energy audit on my house. They are scheduled after the HVAC tune-up. I want to have as many energy-saving tips applied before the utility audit.  That way it looks like I know what I’m doing to save money while using my HVAC system.  The HVAC technician will also install a smart thermostat so I won’t have to change the temperature at the thermostat anymore.  The smart thermostat will adjust the temperature in my home as the weather changes outside.

air conditioning filter