I am enraged

There’s nothing worse than building something up in your head, only to be let down by the real thing. Many of us do it when it comes to movies and videogames, or experiences like music festivals. Even a night out at the bar can seem overhyped once you get there, and realize that there’s about two-hundred people in a bar fit for fifty people. Who would have fun in that situation, anyway? For me, one of the biggest letdowns was when I had been convinced by my old neighbor to invest in an evaporative cooling system for my house. He preached and swore that his evaporative cooler for his home was the greatest appliance he decided to purchase, as it keeps his house comfortably cool with a fraction of the energy usage seen by conventional central air conditioning systems. I bought into it, thinking “Why not? He hasn’t been wrong before!” If only I knew better. See, my old neighbor currently lives in the southwest, where it’s always hot and dry. In that climate, the evaporative cooler thrives! An evaporative cooler uses the outdoor air as a source, and pulls the air through cool, moist pads kept inside the cooling unit. A handler then pulls the air into the house, where the cool, damp air significantly increases the comfort level of the home and makes the air much easier to breathe. I currently live in the southeast, which has a hot, humid climate! Using an evaporative cooler to keep a southeastern home cool is like using a campfire to put out a forest fire – it doesn’t help, and if anything it only makes the situation worse! Talk about buyer’s remorse… I think I’ll need to look into a buyback program with the local HVAC companies in town, and see if I can get a heat pump installed at my house instead.

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