Have an awesome lodge

I have an awesome lodge in the mountains where I occasionally get to do a retreat there. Occasionally task provides myself and others an opportunity to task from outside the office, so when it does making the trip is the first thing that comes to mind. I personally adore how quiet it is being so far away from the city. It has all the new amenities you would expect in a traditional home, but it is just further removed from civilization. Personally that is its greatest feature as I adore the outdoors. However, things can go down hill as a result of these features. Perhaps it is from awful service, but 1 year our central oil furnace would not fire up for me. Of course when I arrived I had no plan anything was wrong, but sure enough our heating system was dead. As a nature lover, I just don’t invest much time reading about Heating & A/C equipment. I was totally outmatched when our heating system would not turn on.  This had to be really the coldest it ever was there as well, so having a functional oil furnace was essential. I really felt like our life was in danger if I tried staying there. I thought I could try to use the fireplace, although I wasn’t going to have a fireplace running when I was sleeping. Of course, how would I even keep the fireplace going all night? I had to instead drive to a motel where I knew I could use a heater. I called a service corporation the next afternoon, but they couldn’t get anyone over in time until I had to leave.

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