A malfunction

I live in the northeastern part of the country, and our winter weather is just horrible. By the end of October the outside temperature is typically below freezing with several feet of snow on the ground.  We typically have blizzard conditions by Christmas, with the temperature dropping below zero. We’re forced to hide inside the house with the furnace running for six straight months. The air in the house becomes so dry and stale, I’ve been forced to invest in a humidifier.  This year, I’m hoping to avoid a white Christmas. I plan to travel to a location with palm trees, white sand and sunshine. I want to swim in the ocean, worry about sunburn, and enjoy air conditioning. I would much rather deal with intense heat and humidity, than sub zero temperatures, brutal wind chill and snow.  I’m looking forward to lying in the sand and relaxing, instead of bundling up in a wool coat and shovel snow. I am tired of relying on the furnace and paying enormous utility bills every month. Every fall, I schedule a licensed HVAC contractor to inspect, clean and tune all the components of the heating system. I need to take off work to meet the contractor, and then spend several hours monitoring his progress.  I pay for this service, even though the furnace is working just fine. Because the winter workload is so demanding and long, and puts such excessive strain on the heater, I need to take proactive measures. I also change the air filter every month without fail, and my monthly heating bills are still excessive.

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