Not leaving the heating alone

Our friend Scott has been a small business owner for years. I can’t even remember if he ever worked for someone other than himself. He’s owned all kinds of businesses, from an outdoor power equipment supplier to a frozen yogurt shop. I don’t think he really has a specialty, unless it’s the business that he’s moved on to now. Last summer, Scott took some HVAC classes at a local trade school and he decided to go out on a limb and open up his very own heating and air conditioning company. He also decided that he wanted to specialize in air purification systems. I thought this was the craziest thing that I’d ever heard of, since starting up an HVAC company isn’t exactly a low cost idea. I mean, the start up costs are high for HVAC equipment and tools. But Scott has somehow made it work. Over the past year, he has somehow managed to build a really big client list for heating and air conditioning maintenance and repair. He’s loving owning his own HVAC business, and he thinks that this might be the one that he sticks with for the long haul. I hope so too, since we started using Scott’s HVAC company to do our A/C repairs and maintenance work last year. We also had him install a new air purification system for us, which I really love. My indoor air quality is better now than it’s ever been before! So if Scott decides to go out of the heating and air conditioning and air purification business, I won’t lie. I’m going to be pretty disappointed!

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