No cooling when in the service

Never before in my life have I left the country. To be honest with you, I had never entirely left the state for that matter either. Traveling was not my cup of tea. I basically owned a residence, had a nice life, plus had no wish to change that even for a few weeks! When my dearest childhood buddy told myself and others he was having his wedding on a tropical island, I almost fell over! I couldn’t miss that wedding, which basically meant I was going to fly on a plane plus go to an island for the first time ever in my life, plus genuinely the last. I definitely knew it would be hot, but I didn’t realize that cooling machines would be the only thing that kept myself and others sane. I mean, I had never in my life experienced heating plus humidity on such a grand scale as this. I don’t own a cooling machine inside my residence, plus the only time I use the AC machine in my vehicle is the 2 times a year I check to make sure it still is working okay. I don’t live in the arctic or anything crazy like that, but it just doesn’t get warm enough to require use of an air conditioner machine hardly ever. This island was what I regularly imagined a tropical rainforest to be similar to, plus being away from temperature control for more than an hour or so made myself and others feel especially lightheaded. I am blissful my buddy was able to have his wedding indoors, in a church with nice AC, instead of outside or out on the beach. I am blissful I went, it was nice plus everything, but I’m blissful to be back in my residence plus out of that gas furnace of a nation.

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