I should be able to adjust the temperature

We are all sick of the robocalls that we get.  You know, the pre-recorded messages telling us that they are “important” and “don’t hang up”. It has become a challenge just knowing whether to answer your phone or not. The other day I was in just that position.  My phone rang and it was a number that I didn’t recognize. I choose not to answer it and missed an important call. It was my HVAC dealer calling to schedule my bi-annual tune up. I didn’t know that they had hired an agency to make these calls.  Then, when I called the number back I learned that it was an outgoing number only and I had to wait for them to call back again. I decided to call my HVAC dealer directly instead. When I explained the situation they were able to schedule my appointment without a problem.  When I ask them why they decided to have a robocall company contact their customers, they said that they felt it was more economical than paying an hourly rate to an employee to do this. I told that they may find that this process backfires on them. So many people are sick of automated calls that they may decide to take their business to a different HVAC dealer when they realize that this change was made.  I know that I, myself, really prefer to deal with the individual themselves. I don’t want to talk to someone who has no actual interest in my account or HVAC system. I want to speak with someone familiar with my situation.

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