I loved my friend

I decided to replace the current gas furnace in my home. The heating system was already in place when I bought the house ten years ago. It was not properly serviced and showed signs of wear. I have been good about changing air filters and having professional maintenance done every fall.  The furnace has never malfunctioned and continues to operate well. However, there are indications that it’s reaching the close of service life. The furnace now runs for much longer cycles, rarely shutting down, and yet struggles to maintain a good temperature. I’ve needed to set a higher setting on the thermostat, and I’m paying a lot in monthly energy bills. There are warm and cool spots in various rooms in the house, and a nasty, musty odor. I’m forced to clean and vacuum more often because of the greater concentration of airborne dust, and the furnace has become particularly noisy. I’m concerned that it’s going to fail in the middle of the winter and leave my family without a heat source. Instead of rushing to get a heating system in place, I’d like to take my time and choose a good, energy efficient furnace. I’d prefer to schedule installation at a convenient time in the late summer. While I’m hesitant to replace a furnace that is still operational, I think a proactive strategy is the best thing to do. I’ve already spoken with a local HVAC contractor and gotten a free estimate. I’m a little worried by the cost of a new furnace, but I know I’ll save money on much smaller monthly energy bills. Plus, we’ll enjoy great comfort and air quality.

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