I don’t want to complain

The two of us don’t have the current idea of radiant heating, but that is exactly what the two of us have in our home.  When people hear radiant heating, they suppose of a current type of heating. There are heat strips beneath carpeting, or heat mats.  They picture having their flooring ripped up and a maze of pipes for tepid water, running under the flooring. That isn’t the whole section of the radiant heating.  If you are going to have tepid water pipes beneath the flooring, you need to have something to heat the water. Most people have some kind of boiler that heats the water that flows through the pipes that give the heat to the flooring.  Boiler are easy a gas furnace that is connected to a big basket where water is heated. The water flows through tubing that goes throughout the house, and into the pipes for your radiant heat. Or boiler is always a large basket where the water is heated.  The two of us have an oil gas furnace that provides the flame that heats the water in the water tank. Basically it is an oil tepid water heater. Instead of the tepid water flowing into our water pipes to take a shower, disinfect our clothing or do our dishes, it flows through pipes to supply heat to the house.  Our tepid water pipes go into a radiator. The two of us have radiators in every room. Our heat comes out of the radiator and it gently, but thoroughly warms the entire room. It maybe ancient radiant heating, but it is radiant heating and it keeps us hot all Wintertide long.

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