Classic cars on the lot

When the town made the announcement that they would be hosting the regional car show this year the residents were pleased.  The show, in the past, has brought over more than one thousand entries & the large amount of revenue generated by those attending the event would absolutely boost our economy significantly.  As the day approached, those of us on the registration committee, had the task of verifying all the paperwork, insurance requirements, & registrations were current. The lot of us received multiple entries in numerous categories however the one that truly caught my eye was the Type-R category.  At first, I had no clue in the slightest what that meant. I kept seeing entries for Japanese, older model cars, & each one was listed as a Type-R. After talking with my mechanic friend I came to understand that these were JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) cars with Type-R (racing) engines. The cars arrived & you never would have suspected that these cars were at least twenty five years old.  They definitely seemed like they had been preserved in time somehow. The owners took a lot of pride in showing off their cars & I could totally see why. Most of these cars, even though they are capable of much more, never see any time on the race track. The owners treat them as trophies & only take them out for shows or the occasional drive around the area. This may have something to do with the fact that they have to work so hard to own the cars to begin with.  One of the cars, a 1991 Nissan, was so charmingly painted it should have been in a museum. I could very easily understand why the owners were so enthusiastic about them.