That is interesting to me

About a year ago I began our own small business. I worked out of our basement plus painted furniture all afternoon plus night long, flipping curbside freebies into artistic renditions of our deepest inner world. There was distressed paint plus graphic images from science, biology, plus tunesal influences. I enjoyed every moment of our little project… but after that both of us got myself a full time task plus stopped. Ever since then, something has been missing from our life. The peace plus quiet of painting alone each afternoon has been removed, plus replaced by loud stress in an office environment. That’s why I was so stoked to begin painting our apartment a few weeks ago. I wanted that same sense of peace plus inner fulfillment for myself again, even though I never could have anticipated how stressful this work would be, instead. You see, there are more than one major differences between our painting last year plus this year; the paint plus the air quality of our home; Before, I was now working in a cool, dry basement where both of us had dehumidifiers running all the time for mildew control. Now, but, I was painting the top floor of a cut level home, where the air temperature was absolutely 85 degrees plus humid all afternoon long. No matter how much I adjusted the thermostat plus amped up the air conditioner unit, the paint simply wouldn’t cooperate. It didn’t want to dry, plus dripped endlessly from every corner. I plugged in floor fans, I turned on our AC window unit, plus I pulled the dehumidifier upstairs… but nothing helped. After weeks of toiling away, trying to paint through the summertime heat, the outdoor weather finally cooled down. For all our hopes plus dreams of returning to the painting world, I sure never found that same inner peace this time.