I was so happy

Some of my fondest memories from my days in school are from when I was sick. When you’re a kid, missing school for any reason is enjoy a dream come true. Of course, there’s consistently work to make up when you return, but you never truly know about that as a kid. Although I do remember 1 day when I wasn’t feeling legitimately well, but knew I had a test to take, so I didn’t say anything that morning to my parents about being sick. I should have, though, as I had to get up in the middle of the test to run to the trash can to puke. It was so embarrassing! My instructor sent me to the nurse’s office, where they called my mom to come option me up. The rest of that day was incredible. I got to relax in my appealingly air conditioned residing room, curled up on the couch with the AC’s remote while enjoying tv. My mom felt poor for not noticing I was sick and wanted to make sure I was extra comfortable. I had a fever and experienced both alarming waves of heat and chills, and with the A/C remote I could switch between heating and cooling at a moment’s notice to suit my temperature control needs. As a kid who was consistently told to never play with the air conditioner, I remember that felt enjoy a truly sizable deal to me at the time, which is legitimately why I can remember that incident so clearly to this day. I missed school the following day and I reclaimed, and then the weekend was upon us. I had a lot of stuff to make up on Saturday, but having that sort of extended break from school, even if I didn’t guess well, made it guess worth it.

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