High a/c when I fly

It seems as though I have an out of town meeting every other month! This is not the first time I have forgotten my heavy coat to combat the chilly air conditioned airport temperatures that I deal with, either. That jacket is packed away for my arrival to a town that is much colder than our own! I will be prepared for the uncomfortable temperature in the meeting location, but not prepared for the temperature of the airport! Since I’m flying early in the day, I don’t expect to encounter too much A/C in the place. I would expect the temperature to be a bit reduced on the cold factor, but I’ve been wrong before! With all the people to either heat or cool, I cannot imagine that the airport wouldn’t have a modern Heating as well as Air Conditioning system that was capable of sensing the amount bodies to either heat or cool! If that were so, the modern Heating as well as Air Conditioning system would detect that I’m a lone traveler and turn the A/C off in my area. I have seen people travel with a miniature A/C system, utilizing a water bottle plus a fan. Well, I guess it’s more of a “redneck A/C system”. Maybe I should travel while wearing heated clothing! Then again, I might accidentally pack my heated clothes instead of carrying them aboard the plane. So I will just have to freeze for another few hours, and then I can be released from this Arctic zone of overpowered air conditioning! Once I arrive at the location of my meeting, I hope that there will be enough bodies to keep the room warm. However, if that A/C is on, I will definitely have unpacked the heavy sweater!

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