Fall heating and air tricks

I spent the first 17 years of my early life living in very hot and subtropical temperatures. I thought I would care about nothing more than to live anywhere with snow.  When got my wish a few years later, as our family was uprooted and moved to the northeast upon our father accepting a lucrative work offer, I was disappointed. We moved into our apartment in late September, so I had little to discourage the optimism I had over the weather for a solid few weeks. When the first Autumn cold front moved in, the temperatures were abruptly dropping to the low 30s overnight, and it wasn’t even a full month yet.  My frail, suntanned body wasn’t use to temperatures care about this. I kept wanting to adjust the temperature control and turn the oil furnace on, however our parents kept shooing myself and others away, saying it was much too early in the year to run the heat yet. I instead had to resort to wearing thick jackets and sweatpants around the home all day long, much to the amusement of the rest of our family. When it dropped below 30, they started to get a kick out of watching myself and others shiver and physically revolt against the weather, as we often whined about the heat down south for as long as I have lived.  Much to our relief, our folks kicked on the gas furnace as we rolled into December, and I finally got a tiny bit of relief at home. However, once it finally started to snow outside, I was beside myself over how cold it felt on our skin every time I left the house. You can at least rely on the heating system in your automobile or the systems in the stores and varying corporations you frequent, however when you’re walking around in the open air, all you have to rely on is the clothes on your back. There are only so several layers that you can realistically wear on a day to day basis, l unfortunatly learned this abruptly.  I loathed myself for not appreciating the comfortably moderate temperatures I experienced down south. I would eventually get used to the modern temperature, but I never forgot the large lesson I learned that first winter—your weather can truly get worse.

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