Want quality cooling in the gym

One of my pals and I’s number one pastimes has been hoops. And I can say, playing a game outside with no A/C to speak of can be hell here in the South, especially in the summer season. Still, there have been more uncomfortable games played… I still remember when I was 18, playing hoops for our school against our rivals, however we had to play on their court for this game, and upon arrival all of us finally realized that the A/C in their gym was broken! It was at least 90 degrees inside that gym, and there was absolutely no air circulation. It was dead silent, with no fans yelling or anything like that. Immediately I began to feel dread, as I knew there was no way we’d be playing at our best with the court being this hot! Matters were made a lot worse when our rivals came out onto the court, as they were energetic and eager to start the game. It was their strategy all along! Their A/C wasn’t broken; they just turned it off and trained themselves to play hard in the heat. It was a bold move, and it would take a miracle for us to beat them. Sadly, we didn’t even come close to tying them, and we all left that night feeling as if the game was lost before it even began, and our coach then told us he was going to make us practice in the gym with no A/C from then on, and at that point I was more than ready to quit the team! For sure!