No power and cooling

Last year, Hurricane season for started  far sooner than expected . We started hearing the warnings about severe weather and potential loss of power in the early spring.  The storm was moving in toward shore with the winds getting stronger and the sky growing darker by the hour. All of my neighbors were preparing for the worst. Every store in the nearby area was  sold out of bottled water, canned goods, batteries, flashlights and portable generators. The year before the power outage and flooding lasted for several weeks, so this time around, everyone wanted to be especially prepared.   Since I was unwilling to once again go without running water, refrigerator, lights, air conditioner or dehumidifier, I had invested in a permanently installed standby generator. After living with extreme heat and humidity, dealing with water damage and mold growth, and being terribly inconvenienced, I was willing to spend quite a bit of money on an alternate source of power.  When the storm hit and my entire neighborhood lost power, the standby generator automatically took over. It is sizable enough to handle all of the appliances and systems in my home. We were able to watch television, use the microwave, flush the toilet, and set the thermostat to our prefered temperature. The central cooling system continued to operate and the dehumidifier handled the excess moisture.  My family was able to sleep comfortably at night, and were not exposed with the health threat of polluted indoor air quality. Plus, the sump pump continued operation which avoided flooding of the basement.

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