Great heating in the house

Back when I was 17 I went out and got a job. I was not lazy! Today, though, I recognize that my own kids, especially our older girls, think the world owes them something, however for example, they are forever complaining about the thermostat settings in our house. The temperature on the thermostat never suits them at all as well as they don’t mind going around complaining about it all the time! If all of us have cold temperatures outside, then the heating is never turned up enough for them! Either that, or they want to turn on the gas fireplace as well as leave it on all morning and night long, but and then when it’s summer season time as well as the outside temperatures are really super hot, they think nothing at all about going over to the digital thermostat as well as lowering the temperature to whatever they feel it should be! I know that they know that heating as well as air conditioning just come for free! I really don’t know if they realize in any way shape or form that their dad as well as I have to pay for heating as well as air conditioning every month. I’m going to show them the power energy bills when they come this month in the mail as well as I’m going to provide them the serious and utter choice of keeping their hands off of our digital thermostat or they are going to beginning kicking in as well as paying half or more of the heating as well as A/C bill! Enough is enough!

HVAC technician