Different thermostat set up

I have the most perfect bestie.  She puts every other person ahead of herself in nearly every situation, almost to a fault. She is the very first person to offer a helping hand if any of her friends need help moving or has a crucial work to do inside of the house.  But with me, she goes even further. The first more than four months the two of us lived together, she didn’t whine about a single thing, and essentially ignored everything I did that concerned or made her pisse doff. But when I started to notice she was shivering plus not saying anything about it, I pushed her to be honest me.  I could the two together, and I wasn’t completely clueless about the fact that I care about to have the air conditioning set low in our house, and i guess there’s still a little bit of a selfish version of me from being used to residing alone for so several years plus never hour guessing my thermostat use. I felt really awful when she admitted that she has been quietly freezing on and off ever since moving into my place but didn’t want to say anything in fear that I would be concerned or worried at all.  To the contrary, I told her that I would make a conscious habit to put her ahead of myself and guess about her needs more on a morning to morning basis. It also provided me an excuse to go shopping for more breathable clothing! After putting a few fans in my beach house office plus wearing my new pajama clothes, I’m decreasing to the higher rapidly decreasing temperatures. I’m just stoked to see my bestie at ease again. That alone makes it worth it.

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