I am happy about these lower temperatures

The kids plus I were decorating for Halloween when something actually scary happened: our air conditioner stopped blowing cold air. All of us could believe the cold air near the vents however the air wasn’t really getting into the house. All of us live in the Deep South so yes, the people I was with and I still need air conditioner in October. I called out our local HVAC corporation plus they were able to come out the next morning. The professional saw the concern right away. One of the kids had put fake spider webbing over the outside part of the air conditioner. Somehow it had gotten through the grill that covers the fan plus got all wound up in the fan blades. This completely stopped up the fan plus broke a fan belt. The air conditioner professional spent several hour untangling the fan plus components inside plus then he updated the fan belt. I was planning on giving my children a strong talking too however the professional had a better idea. He simply showed them what had happened plus then explained to them how an air conditioner worked. Both of my children were honestly interested in studying. And, I have to admit, I didn’t know most of that information either. In the end, the kids knew never to put anything near the air conditioner fan again plus they learned a lesson separate from punishment. As an added bonus, my daughter is not thinking of becoming an HVAC professional when she grows up. She has consistently been good about understanding how things fit together plus I believe she would do good with oil furnaces plus air conditioners. That is, if she still wants to do this in about 10 years when she is old enough to start school or an apprenticeship.

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