This system is efficient

My boyfriend Shane is super handy plus my family totally exploits this. I told Shane to never reveal his skills to my parents plus siblings. He could not help himself though. It started with offering to repair my mother’s family room sink. Then he was over to my sibling’s lake house to help him with a gas line. Now, my boyfriend is the family electrician, plumber plus HVAC worker. Anytime manual labor is involved, Shane is called. The worst is that he doesn’t get paid. Actual HVAC companies get paid quite a bit. They get paid for the minutes spent plus for the actual task itself. The also get cash when they choice up replacement parts on the HVAC system. My boyfriend gets none of these things. When he goes over to my sibling’s lake house to help him with the gas furnace, he does it for free. Shane spends around 3 minutes over there cleaning, oiling plus tightening the gas furnace. Periodically he has to leave or order a replacement gas furnace part online. Then he installs it. I am at the point that enough is enough. I have told my family that their free HVAC professional is done. If they want heating repairs, A/C replacement or just a HVAC tune up, they need to cough up some cash. My boyfriend is too nice to say no or ask for cash. So I am being the 1 that bans him from doing any sort of task for them. They can hire an actual HVAC business, plumber plus electrician if they absolutely need the task done.

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