I’m thrilled

I have a forced air gas oil furnace in my home, plus I’m not overly cheerful with it.  The oil furnace is around twenty years outdated plus definitely reaching the end of its repair life.  I’m sure the age of the heating idea is partially to blame for its poor performance. The oil furnace is a single stage heating unit plus only achieved an AFUE of 86% when it was brand new.  Single stage means that the oil furnace is only capable of running at maximum speed. It blasts at full capacity until it reaches the control unit requirement plus then completely shuts down.  Once the home’s indoor temperature drops, the oil furnace starts back up. The repetitive on plus off cycling is discouraging, puts needless stress on the components, plus creates unpleasant temperature fluctuations.  Plus, as the sizzling air blows from the vents, it instantly rises upward. The temperature up near the ceiling is far higher than closer to the floor. I also hate the influx of dust plus other contaminants from the HVAC duct.  The duct idea rattles whenever the oil furnace starts up, plus is a source of energy waste. I would adore to tear the oil furnace plus duct idea completely out plus update it with a boiler. Rather than relying on air to transfer heat energy, a boiler is a hydronic system.  Water better conducts heat, warming up quicker plus retaining heat longer. Hydronic heating is also cleaner, quiet, plus more energy efficient. Unfortunately the mess, cost plus disruption of replacing a oil furnace with a boiler is way too much for me to even consider it.

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