I am very interested

I’m a five year veteran of the building automation plus building management industry; I’ve been working in this field ever since I graduated from trade school back when I was about 22 years old or so. I really love my job. I consistently find something modern plus exciting is coming along in the field of building automation, plus so there’s just always something new for myself and others to learn about building control systems plus building management plan software. It’s one of those places where you can’t just keep on doing the same thing over plus over. You pretty much always have to keep studying plus finding out what else is going on in the world in the same area of job field. If you stop studying about substituted building automation systems for even a week or two, you just might find that your whole expertise base has become somewhat obsolete! That’s how quickly building automation and automated logic is changing these days, however last week I went to a workshop detailing mission plan design and mission critical control systems, there was all different kinds of modern information there, plus I’m so ecstatic that I went! I still consistently try to keep ahead of the competition in the building management and integrated building automation business. I want to be one of those people who ends up being looked at as a pioneer in the industry, not a old man of the industry! I constantly want to think what’s going on plus have relevant building automation solutions expertise that is the newest and most state of the art ever. It’s how I keep my job!